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2013 – The Year Of American Revolution?

2013 - The year of American revolution

Everyone hates the Congress! And when I say everyone… I sure mean it. A new poll reveals that over 77% of Americans “strongly disapprove of Congress”. And that`s just college talk for “hate”. It`s getting personal. People can`t just sit around and watch them juggle their fate anymore. They`ve had enough. And they`ve started to show it.


What makes this disgust towards politicians so genuine is that Democrats, Republicans and Independents are united by the same feelings. There is no more vs., not in this case. The Congress screwed up so badly, that all differences are put aside to make room for a compact mass of harsh criticism. Just take a look at the poll results:


“The overwhelming majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents all believe that Washington politicians are damaging the United States, according to a Dec. 14-17 USA Today/Gallup poll, which was conducted while the 112th Congress was attempting to avert the looming fiscal cliff.


While 77 percent of Americans admitted having no faith in their elected representatives to do good, only 19 percent believed Washington is doing no harm.


Republicans had the most negative opinion, with 87 percent of GOP respondents indicating that Washington is harming the country, while only 68 Democrats and 79 Independents believed the same.” (


The difference of percentages between Republicans, Democrats and Independents are practically insignificant. Sure, there`s a bigger gap between Republicans and Obama supporters, but that`s only natural. It`s always been this way. However, their opposed political views have one thing in common: disapproval of Congress.


The Year Of American Revolution
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As expected, the poll has already been discussed and over-discussed and has even determined some organizations to create their own polls and verify if the numbers are, indeed, correct. One of these organizations is the Public Policy Polling (PPP). Now, their results are more shocking: 85% of respondents expressed negative opinions about the Congress. How negative? Just read what PPP president says in a statement:


“We all know Congress is unpopular,” PPP President Dean Debnam says in a statement. “But the fact that voters like it even less than cockroaches, lice and Genghis Kahn real shows how far its esteem has fallen with the American public over the last few weeks.” (


When I first read that, I laughed like a madman. But then I realised this is the least funny thing I`ve read in years. Americans like cockroaches more than politicians! This is the ultimate state of degradation we have to endure…


But how did we end up here? Was it something major that happened, like the neverending talks about the fiscal cliff, that got us so disgusted? Or was it a slow, lean process, where every wrong decision piled over our existing anger?


I believe it was both. All year long, we felt like lab rats under the Obama administration. We`ve been treated like terrorists: we`re under constant surveillance, with security cameras watching our every move, our kids being tracked like cattle… We had to watch our fundamental rights being violated over and over again, our hands tied down…


We`ve been living with this blind fury for too long and, in the light of the latest events, it burst. The straw that broke the camel`s back was not the same for all Americans. For some, it was the fiscal cliff issue. It just added to the stress and kept us under terror for a full month. For others, it was the Sandy aid (or the lack of it).

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But that`s somewhat irrelevant now. What`s done is done. The important thing is that America is waking up and starting to rage against irresponsible, corrupt politicians. It`s about time the sheeple realise, too, that you`ve got to take action if you want to see change. Yet the question remains: will Americans actually DO something about it or will this be another whining session?


By Alec Deacon



3 Responses to 2013 – The Year Of American Revolution?

  • BHO has it easy he is still voting present. He can do no wrong because he does nothing...except The non-affordable care act which is bankrupting our country & people are too dumb to realize it!

  • & by the way we are trying to do something about it through the petition process.

  • I don't know of anything we can do. We have a bunch of idiots voting, but all those jackasses in Washington only care about themselfs. lots of prayers people.


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